ColorBreeze Color Analysis Certification

taught by Lora Alexander

Course description

Do you constantly try to color analyze everyone you meet, or everyone you see on TV and in magazines?

Do you know you have an eye for color analysis and would like to make a part-time or full-time career out of it (or even as a hobby)?

Train to become a Certified Color Analyst with ColorBreeze.

As a ColorBreeze consultant, you will be able to learn the theory and the practical skills needed to be a sought-after Color Analyst, all from the comfort of your home and around your schedule.

My online training course includes the 4 season color system, the12 seasons and the most updated system available, The ColorBreeze Color Analysis system.

Comprising 9 core modules, each one will build upon the previous module's lesson. I will emphasize the 'basic' 12 season color system since it is the cornerstone to understanding the more advanced ColorBreeze system. 

It is then you will learn about what makes the ColorBreeze system so unique. You will study high definition photos like the one you see here:

Can you identify the subtle differences that make the person on the left a Dusty Soft Spring and the one of the right a Sunlit Soft Summer? 

You will after my training!

Additional courses will be added that will include women of color, analyzing men, how aging affects one’s season and more. You will be allowed free access to these modules. 

Besides those who are obsessed with Color Analysis in general, this training is ideal for:

  • Stylists, Hairdressers, Makeup Artists and clothing boutique owners who are interested in another income stream to add to their existing business.
  • Mary Kay, Avon, Arbonne and other cosmetic distributors who want to add the personalized service of color analysis to their clients, assisting them in choosing just the right colors for them.

Requirements: After watching all video’s and reading all materials, you will need to pass one test at the end where you will analyze 10 high-resolution model photos that I provide. You must get 70% correct to pass. 

Then there will be a portfolio review where you will need to analyze 15 ‘real’ people. I will need to see the client’s, of course, so it is highly recommended you have a digital camera to take and send digital photos. Cell phones will not pick up the accurate coloring I need to be able to check your analysis. 

This is all that is required to successfully pass the course and become a Certified Color Analyst!

Once you are a Certified Color Analyst with ColorBreeze, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Run your own color analysis business, working as much or as little as you would like.
  • You will have access to purchase the ColorBreeze Color Swatches and drapes at consultant costs. (both are Made in the USA)
  • You will be listed on my website and get referrals sent to you when someone in your area is looking for a Color Analyst.
  • and more!
Lora  Alexander
Lora Alexander

Lora Alexander is the founder and owner of, which is THE place for all things related to the art and science of Color Analysis.

Lora is a Certified Color Analyst, Licensed Esthetician and Artist.

Trained and certified in the 4, 12, and 16 season systems, Lora recently developed one of the most accurate color analysis system available today: the ColorBreeze System.